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Customer service is awful

Good day , may I make a suggestion as pertaining to your bills please. I have seen that there is just 2 numbers printed on the back of your bills which are 100 and 399-9999. But these numbers don't help with anything. I can't even find out your opening and closing hours. I can't get to speak to an agent. It is really frustrating I don't think the elderly is going to be able to keep up with you. I was totally pissed of when I had to go from dialling 100 where it took me almost half an hour before my call was answered only to be told I needed to dial 500 where I waited at least 15 minutes to be answered only to be told I needed to dial another number it is frustrating. Please update your contact for each service on the back of the bills also opening and closing hours please. It's distressing the public and myself. I hope that this would be taken into consideration or I may have to get TATT involved in this. Sincerely Annoyed customer
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